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Architectural Patterns The following expanded metal patterns have been used mostly in the architectural and design industry. Most of the items shown below have certain material type and part size limitations. Please call or email Central Expanded Metal with your specific request.

The CZ pattern shown below is the most decorative and unique expanded metal item.1.262″ LWD x .515″ SWD

The AE pattern below has a distinctive
arc-shaped SWD.1.200″ LWD x .525″ SWD

AC pattern has a similar hex-shape, but is larger than E pattern. The SWD can be enlarged. .750″ LWD x .180″ minimum SWD

The DN pattern, below, is the smaller version of the CZ pattern shown above. .500″ LWD x .225″ SWD

AL .125, below, is the smallest diamond pattern offered by Central Expanded Metal .125″ LWD x .063″ SWD

AG die shown below
.250″ LWD x .167″ SWD

The Step-feature allows Central Expanded Metal to include a solid border or strip along the LWD of the item. This process increases the cost of the material, but can cut welding and fabrication costs, while providing a safer edge to the part

.560 pattern typically has a large open area. 
Shown below in 24 gauge galvanized steel.